One of the most unique aspects of SDFC is its Core Values to help develop leaders on and off the field. On a daily basis we are faced with decision making situations. Time and Quality are the key ingredients in decision making. This applies both on the soccer pitch as well as real life.

We are preparing your player for real life decision making. One must understand their purpose in life and be very clear with their core values in order to make the right decision quickly. The more clear the core values are, the more the core values become a part of the essence of one’s life, the quicker one can make decisions that are right for them.

This happens because the Core Values become a part of the habits or instinct of the individual.

SDFC was founded based on the following Core Values:

Accountability- I own my actions, I make no excuses. We are all responsible for our own actions. This is the only way we can take control of our life. We teach players that they are not victims. They are in control. We decide how we receive and compute the information and stimuli thrown at us daily.

Community- I look beyond myself on and off the field. A rising tide lifts all boats. We help create leaders who are giving. One that has empathy and sympathy toward all. With knowledge and strength, comes responsibility. To take is human: to give is Devine. And as we grow this army of do gooders, they will create a ripple effect.

Humility- I will grow as a player and a as a person. This applies to players and coaches in our program. No one is beyond the player development. We are not about winning for the club or coach. This is not a program to nurture egotism or narcissism.

Integrity- I do what I say I am going to do. Leaders stand by their word. They have the discipline to do the right thing although it is the road less traveled.

Meritocracy- I must earn what I want. Unlike many clubs that the parents can force the club or coach to place a player in an environment that is not earned and most importantly appropriate for a player, at SDFC, we make sure players are positioned in the proper environment. We are not a club. We are not here to win or lose. We are not a business, nor do we look at any player as a dollar sign. Our focus is to help players prepare for the road ahead, instead of paving the road ahead.

Respect- I treat people as they want to be treated. The Golden Rule states that you must treat people as you want to be treated. The Platinum rule says that in order to be respectful, you must understand others. You must learn about their core values, who they are, where they come from and their culture. Then and only then can we treat them with the proper respect. We must look beyond ourselves, and learn that we are a small part of a much much bigger picture.

To satisfy many of these core values, we offer multiple leadership and community opportunities. In the past, we have helped orphanages, clubs in Africa, Homeless shelters, raised money for homeless through community work to name a few.

Our next event is on February 22 at the House of Rachel.

House of Rachel provides a safe, sober and supportive home for women 50 years of age and older who are in an economic and personal transition. The home provides an environment that promotes community living for women who are seeking training, employment and permanent housing. Builder Captain ColRich Communities fully renovated the five bedroom shelter, creating a warm and supportive home for older homeless women to work toward self-sufficiency.

Since 1936, the role of Catholic Charities has been to provide social welfare programs, to be a witness to the scriptural values of mercy and justice, and to advocate for the poor and vulnerable within the diocese.

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