SDFC provides individual training from technical to tactical aspect of soccer in a group environment. Our goal from footballing perspective is to help every player in the program to become the best they can be (no child is left behind).

We have brought the Total Football methodology used by Ajax, Holland, FC Barcelona and Spanish National Team among others here. We had worked hard and diligently to work with coaches and advisors from Spain to help us achieve this goal. This past spring, based on my many conversations with professional clubs and US national team coaches, I realized that we need to do more! We need to help develop PLAYERS not Teams!

Hence the need for the addition of advisors, coaches and methodology. This summer, we welcomed our new Head Coach João  from FC Porto who has 15 years of experience based on Vitor Frade’s Tactical Periodization Methodology. João has also taken six players to the Pro Ranks, something no other coach in San Diego (or most of the USA) has done. The addition of João’s expertise along with our original methodology helps us work on the total, creative player. 

In simple terms SDFC’s focus is on developing habits not execution, which is for professional players. SDFC’s technical curriculum is private training within the group environment. 

We want to help players become creative individuals whose creativity serves the team while helps them become the best they can.

Most people think of creativity and see Neymar, Ronaldo, dribbling, flavor and moves, feints, scissors, etc. creativity is simply making the right decision but is outside the box thinking.

Creativity is Thomas Edison. We had candles, we had mail… why did we need electricity or telephone?